The Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS – For All Your Navigation Needs

What you can expect in the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is both tradition and innovation. The former is based on the reliability of Garmin electronic products. The innovative engineering and design style represent what is to be expected in a new GPS model. There are several possible explanations to account for the all-new very slimmed down device profile.

Ergonomic considerations are almost a must-have aspect for consumer electronics. However, the convenience factor for carrying the Nuvi 3790T in your shirt pocket and Pedestrian navigation mode addresses a new marketing demand. It is a bit early to know if Garmin’s latest release is a hit or miss, though.

Of course you can take the Nuvi 3790T anywhere you want which includes your vehicle. But it is important to note that it is perfect to use while walking. The simple reason is due to the very slender design and shape. The unit does have what is called a Pedestrian Mode of operation which is not surprising. Since Garmin is smart, they included some nifty features ideal for use in your car or truck. The Nuvi 3790T comes standard with a mount for the window, and of course there is a pretty standard audio capability that makes for convenient use while driving. However, what is also pretty cool is the Park Position Recall function which makes the unit remember where you parked your vehicle. Rather than wandering aimlessly around the huge mall parking lot, you can use the Nuvi 3790T to navigate directly back to your car. People who currently use other Garmin systems won’t have a difficult time making the upgrade either because the design, while improved, is still similar enough to be familiar. Map reading might have been a problem on older Garmin units but their latest offering has changed all that. The real beauty is that the new Garmin remains blessedly uncomplicated and easy to navigate. This new Garmin is quite simple to use and that is something that Garmin fans have always appreciated about their products. One very welcome change that Garmin has made with their latest offering is a choice of wallpaper – and it’s been a real hit!

An improvement in the Nuvi 3790T is trafficTrends which uses alternative routes also rather than only the major thoroughfares. There is a feature that is called myTrends which is related because it will basically learn your most traveled daily routes and display them. So you can make a choice of the data source depending on what your needs are at that moment. You have the capability to disable the myTrend feature if you find you need to use another routing solution.

According to reports, it seems that the 3790T outperforms other Garmin GPS units, especially in areas of processing and voice recognition. Although there have been some reports of minor decreases in the performance of certain areas of speech recognition. We believe that individuals have certain preferences so that can lead to a difference in perception of performance.

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